id mobile review

iD Mobile Review

iD mobile is a budget network offering budget phones and SIM-only plans from Carphone Warehouse’s virtual provider Three. Support for 3G and 4G technology as well as personal hotspot functionality is included on unlimited data plans makes this network one of the more competitive budget carriers on offer.

iD Mobile offers some of the cheapest new phone deals on the market but may not offer top customer service. Read our review to gain more insight.


iD Mobile stands out from its competition by offering both 30-day rolling SIM-only bundles and contract handset deals, as well as entry-level models up to flagship models from Dixons Carphone-owned provider. Furthermore, its SIM-only plans offer data rollover and spending limitations – perfect for budget-minded smartphone users!

As with other Three-owned MVNOs, iD mobile provides customers with tethering and personal hotspot capability on most SIM-only plans. In addition, 4G and Wi-Fi calling capabilities are also available on certain devices; customers can check coverage by entering their postcode into the website.

But its no-frills approach does mean the network doesn’t offer any special extra features such as loyalty apps or free content to sweeten the deal, which could prove frustrating for some consumers. Yet its low base cost make it one of the best-value SIM-only plans available in the UK.


iD Mobile, owned and operated by Dixons Carphone, provides Pay Monthly Phones and SIM Only Deals at competitively-priced SIM Only Deals at affordable monthly payments. Leveraging Three’s 3G and 4G networks across the UK for coverage across its network; offering personal hotspot capabilities along with unlimited data plans in select plans; iD Mobile offers something suitable for every user at affordable monthly prices.

The network offers many benefits for those in search of both cheap prices and quality service, including SIM-Only Plans that come equipped with extras such as roll over data usage limits. Furthermore, its plans are competitive with those offered by other MVNOs.

However, it should be noted that the network does conduct a credit check when signing up for a plan or bundle with a handset – this isn’t uncommon, though other networks like Smarty and giffgaff don’t conduct such a check – plus their Pay As You Go bundles may not be as cost effective.


iD Mobile, owned and operated by Dixons Carphone and operating on the Three network, provides Pay Monthly Phones and SIM Only Deals as well as 5G services on select handsets at cheap prices with extra features such as data rollover and spending limits to make itself stand out from other MVNOs. Furthermore, its wide range of handsets with Wi-Fi calling on select plans makes this an attractive proposition while customers can use its Coverage Map to verify coverage.

However, due to its no-frills approach to its SIM plans, iD Mobile may not provide as many extras as other MVNOs such as Smarty or Giffgaff. This may prove disappointing to customers; especially given Three’s limited coverage in certain areas and failure so far to offer 5G service – two factors which explain why iD Mobile should not be recommended; its host network also ranks lower than others according to Ofcom’s latest complaints report.

Customer service

iD Mobile is well known for offering competitive prices across a wide variety of phones and plans, both Pay Monthly handset deals and SIM-only. Among other places, they offer some of the cheapest flagship phone options such as Huawei P20 and Alcatel Idol Mini models.

Dixons Carphone-owned network also does an excellent job at offering extras like rolled over data and 4G/Wi-Fi calling on its SIM plans – features usually only found with major networks like EE, Vodafone and O2. In addition, Dixons Carphone provides low price bundles of popular smartphones at reduced rates.

However, its no-frills approach means iD Mobile doesn’t provide any bonuses like loyalty apps or streaming deals. Furthermore, all new accounts undergo credit checks – there is no no-credit-check plan option – and their network has also been slower in rolling out 5G services than its rivals.

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