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SIM Only Deals

SIM only deals are one of the best ways to enjoy greater flexibility with your mobile phone plan. You can decide to sign up for a rolling monthly contract or even extend it for a whole year.

These plans are the perfect choice if you want to stay within a budget but still be able to enjoy freedom.

There are also many benefits of sim only plans, so keep reading to find out what they can do for you! Listed below are some of the most common benefits of sim only plans.

Cheaper than contract deals

If you want to avoid a contract, look for cheaper SIM only deals. These deals usually come with plenty of data, texts, and minutes.

These plans can be cheaper than a contract, as long as you choose a good provider. SIM cards come in different sizes, including micro and standard. While standard SIMs are rarely used any longer, micro SIMs are on the decline. The latest smartphones usually work with a nano SIM.

Many people have complained about networks charging the same rate even after a contract is paid off, but this is illegal.

Many networks have introduced new rules ensuring that they inform their customers that their contracts will be terminated when they’ve used up all their data. Many SIM only deals also offer the same call and data allowances, as you’d get with a contract. Three, for example, offers an 8GB data plan for PS8, while Virgin Media offers a 36GB SIM-only plan for PS13.


SIM only deals are a great option if you are in a contract. You won’t have to worry about changing contracts if you decide to upgrade your phone.

These deals are flexible and can be set up to be rolling monthly contracts or extend the year. It will also be easy to switch networks if you want to. This article will look at some of the benefits of SIM only deals and how you can make the most of them.

If you don’t need a lot of data, you can opt for a prepay plan. With this deal, you pay a certain amount every month, and the plan comes with unlimited texts and minutes.

The data rollover is another benefit of this deal, and the flexibility is very beneficial if you’re a SIMO. You can even enjoy the benefits of a rolling contract with a prepay plan.

Just make sure to check the plan’s data rollover and other options to see what’s best for your needs.

Gives you greater freedom

If you are looking for a new mobile service, SIM only deals are a good option. They allow you to have more freedom than ever before.

You can choose which network to use, and how many minutes you use each month. Unlike contract-based plans, you’re free to switch to a different network at any time. Plus, SIM only deals let you keep your current phone and use it with your new plan.

Another advantage of a SIM-only deal is that you don’t need to sign a 24-month contract. These deals start as low as 30 days, which means you can upgrade your phone anytime you want.

SIM only contracts can be much more flexible than other plans because you can easily change your allowance based on your needs. And since they are cheaper month-to-month, you can even get more bang for your buck!

Builds credit rating

Getting a sim only deal that doesn’t check your credit rating is a great way to rebuild your credit rating, especially if you have bad credit.

While you may have to pay a deposit or have a guarantor to secure a SIM deal, it is still possible to build your credit rating with this option. Making payments on time can also help your credit rating. Here are some ways you can improve your credit rating using SIM only deals.

A SIM-only phone contracts can improve your credit rating because it’s more likely to be approved because you’re paying monthly instead of monthly. This is important if you have bad credit and don’t have much of a credit history.

Also, SIM-only deals won’t tie you up in an expensive contract. Instead, you’ll pay your invoices on time and increase your credit score. It’s that simple.

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