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Mobile Phones From Argos Store

Mobile Phones From Argos Store – Argos is unveiling a brand-new image. Most of its standalone stores have been transformed into shop-in-shops inside Sainsbury’s supermarkets, making a more modern statement about retail evolution.

Once upon a time, shopping at Argos meant filling out an order form with catalogue numbers and waiting for it to be collected or “fast tracked”. Nowadays, however, most orders can be placed online – some delivered right to customers’ homes while others can be picked up from stores.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 was one of the best phones available in 2020, and while it may no longer be as competitive today, there are often deals available that reduce its price.

The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are equipped with 1440p “Dynamic AMOLED 2X” displays that support HDR10+ technology with dynamic tone mapping. In addition, there’s also an 120Hz refresh rate which doubles frame rate compared to regular screens – although since many games only support 60 frames per second anyway this may just be marketing fluff.

The Galaxy S20 FE is Samsung’s budget option in this line-up and maintains enough flagship features to warrant consideration: fast processor, large display with fast refresh rate and 5G download speeds (where available), as well as dual cameras on either side.

Apple iPhone

Argos’ own-brand mobile phones run Apple iOS, offering budget to high-end handsets from budget models like the iPhone 8 all the way up to newer releases like the Apple iPhone XS Max or XS and XS Max with 5G support for ultrafast downloads and real time interactivity.

You’re sure to find something suitable among them all, from newer models powered by the A14 Bionic chip featuring ultrafast download speeds as well as real time interactivity support.

Argos’ own-brand mobile phones are powered by Apple iOS and range from budget- to high end models, with various storage sizes offered for each model available. You are sure to find a suitable model among Argos’s own-brand phones that run iOS on Apple’s A14 Bionic chip powering faster download speeds with 5G support providing ultrafast download speeds and real time interactivity features.

Argos Unlocked Mobile Phones

Since 2007, when Apple introduced their original iPhone, they have revolutionised smartphone technology. Their success has inspired an entire generation of phones that have become part of our daily lives and contributed to billions of apps being designed specifically for it – making Apple one of the world’s most valuable companies.

Apple is well known as a temple to taste and consumerism, yet anyone can appreciate their devices – not just tech experts. Apple devices appeal to many looking for quality phones without contract commitments or exorbitant accessory costs; their simplicity also makes them great options for those unfamiliar with Android’s complex software interface.

Unlocked SIM-Free

If you prefer having more freedom when selecting both network and contract separately, an unlocked SIM-free device is ideal. You can upgrade whenever it suits you best while saving money and avoiding early contract termination.

Your SIM-free phone should accept any PAYG, contract or pay monthly SIM card provided it fits within its slot’s size – most phones now feature mini, micro and nano SIM slots – though using an existing one from another phone should fit without issue.

As many leading handsets in the market are now offered SIM-free, there’s much to consider when selecting your perfect handset. Samsung’s 2020 trio has proven popular among many, particularly their base model S20 phone. Meanwhile, Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max may also provide you with excellent choices to up your smartphone game.

Argos’ 845 stores nationwide make shopping at Argos easy – you never need to wait long for delivery when placing orders online and picking them up the same day! Or try buy and collect for even greater convenience!

Argos Contract Mobiles

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