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Exploring the Features of Sky Mobile: A Comprehensive Review

Sky Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) operating on O2’s network, targeting existing Sky TV customers as its target market.

At Sky Mobile, its unique “Change your Mix” feature allows customers to adjust data, calls and text allowances each month during a contract term to keep it competitive with other networks.

Unlimited calls & texts

Sky Mobile stands out from other networks by including unlimited calls and texts with its SIM only plans, making them an attractive option for frequent callers or texters. Furthermore, any unused data rolls over month after month allowing you to build up a buffer of your own for later use.

To take advantage of this feature, request a PAC code from your current network and then submit it to Sky. They should respond within several working days with information on when your number will be transferred over.

Sky offers another excellent feature called 4G Calling that enhances voice call quality when using a handset as a hotspot. Furthermore, you can freely tether other devices using this handset; though be warned: doing so will consume your data faster.

Sky Mobile runs on O2 network, so customers should expect outstanding coverage and speeds. In terms of customer service, Sky Mobile stands out as being one of the few networks whose quarterly complaint figures have never exceeded industry average since entering datasets in 2018.

Check out their ‘Swap’ plan, too, which allows you to upgrade every year with the option of selecting and returning an old device at their office; when doing so, the value will go towards paying down any remaining balance on your contract.

Sky Mobile Data roll-over

Sky’s ‘Roll’ feature stands out as one of the premier UK mobile phone data rollover schemes. Any unused data at the end of your monthly allowance is added to an online Sky Piggybank each month, where it can be withdrawn and used later (even up to three years after some rival providers offer rollover services).

Additionally, your account allows for up to seven SIMs that share data via Piggybank or you can cash it in for rewards including discounts on accessories or money off your next handset purchase.

Sky TV customers can also access Sky’s exclusive 5G network for fast, reliable connections when streaming or playing mobile games on their phone – ideal in busy commuter hubs and packed stadiums where other networks may struggle to keep up.

Sky may have suffered from its removal of inclusive EU roaming, yet still offers highly competitive pay-monthly tariffs for data users. Furthermore, SIM only customers have the flexibility of switching price plans each month without incurring costly midcontract price hikes; making Sky an excellent choice.

TV & streaming

Sky Mobile reigned supreme at last year’s Mobile Network Awards, taking all categories. While not winning as much this time around, they continue to stand out as an influential presence especially with regards to TV and streaming services.

Sky Stream is a smart TV box designed to record and store programs in the cloud for streaming to mobile phones or tablets through the Sky app. Additionally, its remote features backlit buttons – long a feature absent on Sky TV remotes – and comes equipped with a microphone for voice command capabilities.

Streaming and recording are relatively simple with Sky’s unified search feature making it simple to locate what you’re after, though they do lack some of the convenience found with third-party applications like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime Video. Furthermore, everything stored remotely means it may not play quite as smoothly on Sky Q and Sky+HD boxes either.

Are You A Sky TV Customer? Take Advantage of Watch, which Launched in 2019. Watch allows Sky customers to stream subscription content such as News, Kids, Sports Box Office and Sky+ without using up all their data allowance.

Sky Stream also comes equipped with a smart Piggybank feature that enables you to save any unused data from one month and roll it forward into future months, providing valuable savings for families or business travelers who use large amounts of mobile data at once, but struggle with managing their balances. This can be especially helpful for frequent travelers.

Sky Mobile Value for money

Sky Mobile is one of the UK’s cheapest network providers, offering great discounts on high-end phones as well as offering an excellent selection of SIM-only plans and features. All its contracts and SIM-only plans offer unlimited calls and texts as well as generous data allowance. Furthermore, all their SIM-only plans include WiFi Calling and 4G calling at no additional cost.

The network operates as an MVNO, meaning that they don’t run their own mobile infrastructure but rather rely on other operators’ networks for coverage. As a result, they boast 4G coverage in over 99% of population and landmass coverage areas, though some coastal and rural regions may experience less reliable 4G signals than others. They have recently begun rolling out 5G technology, further keeping themselves competitive.

Sky Mobile contracts and SIM only plans offer various useful features, including unlimited tethering (commonly known as mobile hotspot) which does not count towards your data limit; free roaming in more than 30 EU and EEA countries; streaming of Sky TV shows without additional subscription costs if applicable, and an opportunity to swap out phones every 12-24 months depending on your plan.

These advantages, combined with Sky Mobile’s competitive prices and excellent customer satisfaction ratings – particularly among broadband, pay TV and mobile categories of Ofcom’s latest research – make the service extremely cost-effective.

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