easiest phone contract to get with bad credit uk

The Easiest Phone Contract to Get With Bad Credit

The Easiest Phone Contract to Get With Bad Credit – Most phone networks require applicants to undergo a credit check in order to evaluate if they can afford the monthly payments and assess how well they have managed credit in the past.

Prior to applying for new contracts, however, you can try to improve your credit score by applying for credit less frequently; multiple applications within a short timeframe could have an adverse impact on your score.

No one is better than any other

Finding a contract phone when you have poor credit can be challenging. While many networks offer mobile phone contracts for those with lower scores, these often require a credit check and have an eligibility check requirement. SIM-only plans and PAYG solutions may offer alternatives; however these do not help build or improve credit histories or scores as effectively.

Many UK mobile network providers, such as Giffgaff, VOXI, Smarty Mobile and Lebara offer SIM-only plans with access to fast 3G, 4G and 5G speeds as well as unlimited calls, texts and international roaming – often at lower monthly payments than smartphone contracts and an opportunity for improving credit scores if payments are made on time and fully.

Consider purchasing an older or refurbished handset and signing up for a pay-as-you-go plan instead of opting for SIM only plans. Although this won’t build your credit history, it enables you to stay in contact with family and friends while improving your score gradually. Moreover, starting off cheap or even borrowing one from friends/relatives may help lower upfront costs; and starting a cashback deal from retailers may further offset upfront expenses.

No one can guarantee you a contract

When applying for a phone contract, providers typically run a credit check to review your financial history. They do this to check for outstanding debts or county court judgments (CCJs) against you; any of which could make getting approved more challenging.

A County Court Judgment (CCJ) can appear as unpaid debts on your credit report and damage it, making it harder for you to pass mobile phone contract credit checks. Therefore, it’s essential that all repayments are made timely in order to lower debt levels and become a lower-risk customer for future contracts.

There are third-party retailers that offer pay monthly contracts without running credit checks, but these contracts can be costly and include plenty of small print you should read carefully before entering an agreement with them. They typically offer lower risk handsets at cheaper prices; their terms and conditions may also differ from those offered by networks.

Save up for the phone you want or go for a SIM-only plan, which still needs a credit check but should be much simpler to pass. Consider paying a deposit or providing a guarantor as this could help secure the device of your dreams and boost your score at the same time.

No one can guarantee you a handset

There is no guaranteed handset when it comes to signing a contract phone agreement, as mobile phone contracts are forms of credit that require phone companies to run credit checks before providing you a contract phone contract. If your credit rating is poor then passing these tests could prove difficult and they could decline your application altogether.

There are ways you can increase your chances of acceptance for a contract phone contract, however. One such way is signing up for a SIM-only deal rather than one with handset rental – this allows you to use your own handset if available and can often be more affordable while helping rebuild your credit rating in the process.

One way to increase your chance of acceptance into a contract phone plan is to pay a deposit with your network provider. Doing this will greatly decrease their risk, knowing that at least some monthly payments will be met; usually the deposit will be returned once your payments have been established with them for an extended period.

Make an effort to avoid making multiple applications for credit in quick succession as this could negatively affect your score. Furthermore, check your credit report frequently so you know it contains correct data.

No one can guarantee you a price

Finding the appropriate contract phone can be a time-consuming and cumbersome task, taking you through various retailers’ policies to find one that fits your needs while offering competitive pricing.

Finding an acceptable phone contract even when having bad credit becomes even more daunting; many networks won’t offer suitable deals to you. But there are ways of finding suitable contracts; one method would be speaking directly with networks as they might offer more flexible arrangements than their online applications do.

No such thing exists as a guaranteed phone contract in the UK for people with bad credit, as providers still need to conduct a full credit check and assess your history for missed payments, defaults or country court judgements (CCJs), which could make getting one much harder over six years.

However, if your credit is very poor it might be wiser to opt for a SIM only contract instead. These monthly rolling contracts don’t include handsets but still provide good allowances for text, calls and data usage – plus paying your payments on time may help improve your score as they help improve credit ratings by paying allowances on time each month.

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