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At its launch on March 3, 2003, Three mobile 3 mobile UK was nothing short of revolutionary. Being the country’s first commercial 100% 3G network and supported by one of the world’s largest multinational conglomerates CK Hutchison was truly revolutionary.

Three’s Pay-as-you-go handset and SIM-only deals provide competitive rates, particularly for data users. Their Go Roam Around the World service enables you to use your phone abroad without incurring additional charges; plus it includes an abundant data allowance.

Three Mobile Network

Three was established as the UK’s inaugural 3G mobile network in 2003 and prides itself as being different. Now boasting over 9 million customers and covering 97% of UK population with their networks, Three customers use 3.5 times more mobile data on average than industry standards.

Three has traditionally used 4G and 3G networks to carry phone calls and data traffic, but is gradually adopting 5G technology, offering faster peak download speeds than its counterparts. By 2023 they expect 80% coverage with this 5G spectrum covering most areas in the UK.

Three is also making efforts to reduce its network latency, or how long it takes for its network to respond to a request, according to Ookla tests conducted early 2021. As per these tests, Three’s network had the lowest latency among UK providers; to see whether 5G coverage exists near you use Three’s coverage map; however indoor coverage cannot always be guaranteed due to signal needing to pass through walls for optimal performance.

3 Mobile Plans

Three UK is one of the UK’s fastest networks. Their infrastructure has been designed to prioritise data services and deliver fast internet speeds capable of handling real-time communication applications. They are known for offering excellent coverage, affordable plans and competitive EU roaming options.

Pay monthly handset and SIM-only packages provide plenty of choices when it comes to paying for a mobile phone, including Apple and Android handsets, budget devices from Nokia and Samsung and more.

Three’s tailor-made ‘Three Your Way’ plans allow you to tailor a package according to your individual needs and budget. Choose how much of an upfront payment you want to make as well as which contract length – 12, 24 or 36 months – suits you best, add extras like Paramount+, screen repair services and insurance for maximum efficiency, take advantage of UK’s fastest network and enjoy unrestricted streaming and gaming on the move with unlimited data provided! These plans make perfect companions.


Three was established on March 3, 2003 – coincident with 3G connectivity becoming live across the UK. Starting at 50GB+ data allowance per month and offering free roaming in Europe as well as other 71 countries, Three’s mobile broadband plans are highly affordable.

Recent years have seen T-Mobile cement its position in the 4G sector by offering All You Can Eat data plans with excellent indoor and long-distance coverage using 800MHz spectrum technology. They even offer a unique perk called Go Binge that lets users stream Netflix, TV Player, Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music without counting towards any data allowances!

Like other networks, Three offers its pay as you go offerings in packs with different amounts of minutes, texts and data each month. They also have SIM only contracts available with data ranging from 1GB up to unlimited usage on plans with unlimited roaming in 71 destinations as well as Wi-Fi calling on various handsets.

Value for money

Three is known for offering one of the cheapest mobile networks in the UK, placing value over frills. Their Advanced Unlimited plan, for instance, provides unlimited data at £24 per month over 24 months with six months at half price – although this doesn’t compare as favourably to competitors such as iD Mobile and Smarty and customer satisfaction numbers are lower than industry norms.

However, they have made strides to improve customer service, with network speeds approaching those of EE in some areas. Furthermore, with 5G rollout increasing network coverage further improving value for money credentials.

Three offers customers purchasing new phones or SIMs the option to sell back their old device for cash back. In addition, they recycle devices they receive by either repairing them or using parts. Three also has retail stores across the country as well as offering free next day delivery online; you can even top up your phone online without registration by going directly to their homepage’s shop section and clicking “Top-up.”

Customer service

Like most pay monthly mobile networks, Three increases its prices annually to match inflation. Offering SIM only packages over one, twelve and 24 month contracts; free roaming in 71 countries, Three also boasts an extensive selection of devices to fit every budget.

Three provides customers with multiple customer support options, such as phone, online and in-store support. Their website features information on how to contact various departments as well as get live assistance if needed. Furthermore, customers can find FAQs as well as details on how to resolve complaints.

Three is an affordable network that prioritises value over frills. Unfortunately, its customer service ratings fall below industry standards, while rural coverage has remained stagnant for several years – this means customers may benefit from switching networks with faster speeds or wider coverage areas; nevertheless, Three remains committed to improving its service through an extensive network of UK stores – their store locator tool can help locate one near you!

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